Why Our Candles are Phthalate-Free

Why Our Candles are Phthalate-Free

Phthalates are like the backstage magicians of plastics, waving their wands to make them bendy, tough, and see-through. You'll spot them in all sorts of everyday stuff, from your favorite toys to that snazzy vinyl flooring and even in shampoos, perfumes, and other beauty goodies.

But hold on! These sneaky chemicals aren't all fun and games. Some studies suggest they can be a bit mischievous by throwing our hormones off balance. They might pull off pranks on our bodies by pretending to be hormones or blocking the real ones, causing concerns about their effects on things like our reproductive systems and even the way our brains and behaviors develop.

Imagine a villain in a storybook—phthalates might play that role, potentially causing mischief by messing with our bodies' natural harmony. Some researchers even suspect they could be linked to troubles like allergies, asthma, and even big concerns like certain types of cancers.

Because of these worries, some folks are on a quest for products that are phthalate-free, especially those for kids or anything that touches our food. It's like seeking out the heroes of the plastic world—the phthalate-free champs!

Remember, though, while these studies are raising eyebrows and causing a stir, the whole story about phthalates is still unfolding. Scientists are busy figuring out just how much mischief these little troublemakers might be causing, and regulations are evolving to keep us safe from potential hiccups caused by these quirky chemicals.

This is why we choose fragrance oils without this nasty chemical.

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