Welcome to PR Home Scents

Welcome to PR Home Scents

Hello and welcome to PR Home Scents.  I created this company out of an absolute love for all things candles, wax melts, and accessories that makes your home feel warm, cozy and inviting.

Scents take us to certain times and places in our lives.  For instance, Altar'd State has a signature scent that draws you in to the store and helps create a wonderful experience shopping for beautiful clothes to wear.

Nordstrom has their signature scent throughout their store.  Hollister also has a unique signature scent.  Well, you get the picture!  

There's a hotel in College Station, Texas, called The George.  They, too, have a signature scent that permeates throughout the lobby and whiskey bar.  It's called Oak and Ember.  I ended up buying the candle and the room spray!  It is pretty strong so a little goes a long, long way!

All of our candles are hand poured in Parker, Colorado, in small batches.  We use 100% all natural soy wax and clean scents and dyes.  Quality is a priority around here!

This season I carefully selected a holiday collection that will please every nose.  From sweet to smokey, a bit of amber and musk undertones sets the stage for a luxurious aroma that fills your home or office.

I also have a few wax melt warmers to accompany your wax melt selections.  Whether you choose something for you or a special someone, we're sure to please!

Take a look around!  I'll be adding scents periodically.

Let me know what is your favorite scent!  I really want to know what other people like!

With Warm and Cozy Vibes,



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